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Ron Carter's Prelude to Glory series was published from 1998-2005 with its first volume, Our Sacred Honor. Like Gerald Lund's Work and the Glory series, a fictional family with Christian values has been created and dropped into the narrative so the reader might experience all of the excitement and drama of a period in history, in this case the Revolutionary War to the War of 1812 through the eyes of these fictional characters.
The Dunson family, as well as other characters, are good God-fearing folks who believe their cause and pursuit for freedom comes from above. Ron Carter's phenomenal research and talent for storytelling sweep the reader along on this fascinating journey. Learning about our nation's history has never been more entertaining! Everyone needs to read this series, the first five books at least.

Inspired by this musical and having read Ron Carter's series more than once, along with the chapter-by-chapter summaries for each volume listed below, I also wanted to include the number of times Alexander Hamilton was mentioned in the series and how the author describes him.

Starting with volume II   The Times That Try Men's Souls    p. 514, 518, 536, 540.
                    volume III   To Decide Our Destiny                   p. 224, 231. 
              Paired with Henry Knox as dedicated "stewards of the cannon" Captain Alexander Hamilton (later promoted to lieutenant) joins the fight against the British and plays an important role in the Battle of Princeton.

                     volume IV The Hand of Providence                   while Hamilton is "sir not appearing in this novel" he makes several major appearances as General Washington's "right-hand man" suffering the dark days at Valley Forge in A Cold, Bleak Hill.
                       volume V    A Cold, Bleak Hill   p. 4, 7, 13, 39-44, 139-156, 168, 181-182, 211-217, 241-242, 250-254, 263, 326-335, 362, 371-378, 390-391, 423-428, 432-438, 443, 456-461, 480-483, 491, 500, 505-512, 521, 536-548.

                     volume VI   The World Turned Upside Down   p. 105-107, 110, 135-140, 169, 251, 258, 384-385, 506. By this point, Colonel Alexander Hamilton continues to serve as General Washington's personal aide-de-camp while the war drags on.

                     volume VII   The Impending Storm  p. 130-131, 142, 159-163, 178. Now a congressional representative, the author gave Hamilton a dramatic part when mutinous Continental army members marched into Philadelphia (our nation's capitol at the time) and took Congress hostage. Hamilton tells them off.

                    volume VIII  A More Perfect Union   p. 6, 32, 34, 45, 53, 96, 111, 113, 118, 175, 251-253, 257, 308-310, 327, 341, 346, 430-431, 436, 515, 521. The delegate from New York did indeed play a prominent role in forming our nation's government. He was a strong voice in shaping the newly drafted Constitution of The United States of America. Yet, Congress was divided on certain issues of representation. Hamilton had his own plan but when his ideas died on the floor, an offended Hamilton returned to New York. As president of the convention, George Washington became so discouraged he wrote to Hamilton requesting his return believing his influence might change the tide of the debates. Hamilton did return and urged all to sign the amended Constitution.

                    volume IX By the Dawn's Early Light  Alexander Hamilton is dead, shot in a duel by Aaron Burr, the details are in the Prologue. Pages 21, 22 and 41 remember how George Washington appointed Hamilton secretary of the treasury and how his suggestion of the location for the future Washington DC, after much debate, was finally used. This is the least exciting book in the series anyway!


Like my other book blogs, I have taken the liberty of writing a chapter by chapter summary for each book in Prelude to Glory and have posted it here for your convenience. Happy Reading!

Book Series: Prelude to Glory
Publishing Dates:  1998-2005
Author:            Ron Carter
Publisher:     Bookcraft
Category:    Historical Fiction

Volume 1:      Our Sacred Honor
Volume 2:      The Times That Try Men's Souls
Volume 3:      To Decide Our Destiny
Volume 4:      The Hand of Providence
Volume 5:      A Cold, Bleak Hill
Volume 6:      The World Turned Upside Down
Volume 7:      The Impending Storm
Volume 8:      A More Perfect Union
Volume 9:      By the Dawn's Early Light

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